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Website is more than just an online billboard. A successful website should serve you as an extension of your business. We believe that your website should not only be a stunning work of art, but should also provide great results. Our first step for every project is to work with you to find key indicators of success for your business.

The key to getting great returns from your website revolves around identifying, targeting, and tailoring your online experience to your customer. As UX experts it is our job to work with you to understand your specific user behaviors and build an experience best suited for your target audience. True results take place when your website connects human-centered design with your business strategy.

At It Infonity, we serve as your partner and advisor throughout the process to collaborate, make recommendations, and create clear cut steps to make the process run efficiently and effectively.

Design Services & Capabilities

Static Design

We can build website with static designs with using the latest HTML/CSS methods to meet your business needs. Let us create unique, beautiful and highly-responsive website design at the most amazing prices.


Dynamic Website

We can build dynamic website design using the latest tools like PHP opensource CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more. With a dynamic design, you can create more traffic, meet business goals and do so much more.


Responsive Designs

Website built with responsive designs features make it work efficiently across platforms, devices, screen sizes and more. We can build a customized website that will make it easily accessible on multiple platforms.


Adaptive Design

Having an adaptive design for the website is essential for increasing the engagement with the target audiences. We use the latest tools to create adaptive website design that will make your page standout across various platforms.


Liquid or Fluid Design

We can create website with liquid of fluid designs that can work on different screen size and provide a great display of elements. It is one of the best layout designs for businesses for efficient display needs.


Single page/landing page layout

We can create the most impressive Single page/landing page layout for the best call-to-action results that converts visitors into leads, new user registration, fill out a form and efficiently meet your business goals.

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