How to develop build a Salon App know Essential Features Needed

Every day dozens of beauties and hairdressers have started giving their clients online planning and booking solutions that help them communicate with availability, book their appointments and talk to support professionals. IT Infonity will give the best idea of how to develop build a Salon App know essential features.

Why you need it?

To maximize business revenue you should create your own beauty salon app so that your potential customers get benefits from the App. Also, it will help you to save time and easy management.

Benefits of Salon app

Store Locator –Your customers have no difficulty finding information about your store physical location and can know about your business past performances. It will also help customers to view the opening and closing hours, products, type of services and their cost.

Book appointment

Customers can easily book appointment by selecting date and time as per their convenience.

Online payment

Most people would prefer to pay online with a credit or debit card.

Offers and packages

Users can view all the packages and offer. Through the app customers can view the list of available services. As an admin you have ability to add/edit the list of services from backend and user has ability to view the details including image of services.

Essential features for Salon App

Appointment Management

Customers has ability to open the app and book an appointment using in-app calendar, which is managed through admin interface. They can easily navigate open slots and book appointments. Make a commitment before possible appointment to ensure customers will arrive. Set up an email notification system when appointments are made. Design a user-friendly appointment booking process for your customers.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best way to communicate with your app customers. So, create a powerful notification system in your salon appointment app. Manage your app notifications for iPhone and Android app customers to develop a salon app in both platforms.

Style Gallery

Add a photo gallery and collect photos of various styles for your clients to look and choose hair style. Improve communication through styles in the style gallery to get clear guidance on what customers like.

Customer Photos

It is very useful to create a reference database. If the customer does not remember how the hair was done last summer, you will have a picture of them in your database to share.

Display Services

This feature is very essential as customer always want to know the services provided by your salon. As a admin you have an ability to add/edit the services from backend.


This feature help to you to get your customer reviews on your specific services and also will help you to know where improve is required in service area. 

Here for you!

We explained above how to develop build a beauty salon app know essential features. If you want your own salon beauty mobile application in iOS and Android with easy-to-use design, Please Contact Us today! 

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