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How to Develop Health and Fitness App?

Everyone knows that fitness, as well as healthy lifestyle, are on the rise these days. Health apps become enormously popular. Therefore, your health and fitness app will find its users swiftly. The key to success here is not to mix all the possible features in one application, but build an application with stunning, easy interface and smart functionality. People like easy and useful applications. That’s what it’s all about. People make decisions to stay fit and active. Probably a lot of promises that they will keep a healthy diet and will take every step to lose weight. Health app development often includes features that measure calories, emotions, and sleep patterns but can also track indicators or create health records. Strength app development often includes steps to keep track, create an exercise log, or act as a personal trainer.

Why a Health and Fitness Mobile App?
After a busy day, when you return home, you may not be able to understand what you can cook for yourself that is healthy and ready for dinner. Or the next morning you may feel lazy to get out of bed and avoid going for a run or do moderate exercise. In such a case, mobile applications that have become an essential part of everyone’s life can help one to encourage oneself to continue doing things that benefit our body.

  • The app can help you store data in one place and access it whenever you want. These inclusive-diet and exercise programs are readily available.
  • The app can motivate lazy and busy people to get out from bed at early in the morning.

Essential Features of Health and Fitness App
1. Registration Process
The first step you need to create a user account through which a person can register within the app. Here the user will have to enter their name, mobile number and email address. A verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number for further use of app.

2. Build User Profile
Other important features that a user records their personal information such as his weight, height, age, gender, body type, whether he/she has diabetes or any other medical problems.

3. Register/Login with Social Media Account
It is not always necessary that a user wants to register into app with their email ID. He/She might not interested in registration process. So, you can also offer them other options such as login through social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. If the account is linked up with the social media platforms, it will help the users to get general information on an application through social media platform and also publish their results after using the app.

4. Wearable Devices Integration
App developers should keep in mind that developing health and fitness apps for mobile devices will not solve their purpose. The app needs to be paired with other external devices, especially wearable devices, so that users can track their activities and control routines more easily.

5. Track Record of Workout or Diet Plan
The biggest goal of the application is to assist the customer in his or her daily physical activity. It keeps a distance record by traveling on foot, race, bicycle etc. The app also shows how many calories have been burned, how many kilos or pounds have been lost and how many feet or centimeters the user has increased in height. All the data collected in the cloud base goes to the fitness store. It also helps in preparing a meal plan according to body weight and calorie requirements. You can decide on your own exercise program according to your convenience.

6. Geo location
Geo location is one of the most important features of almost all mobile apps and therefore, health and fitness apps cannot be excluded. It keeps track of the directions and routes you follow while running or cycling. You can find out your exact location.

7. Push Notification
Health and fitness apps always motivate you to reach your goal and therefore, they set reminders for you to go to an exercise or running session. This will not allow you to miss your important exercise program or skip meals.

8. Video Tutorials
If you want to add to the app some video tutorials option like how to do workouts on a specific part of the body or the right way to do exercise, this will give you a lot of benefits. Such videos benefit individual users and you can also use it to promote your app.

9. Equipment and Health Drinks
You can offer customers the opportunity to purchase some small gym equipment and supplemental health drinks. They do not have to go to a different application for that purpose. This will save them time and save you some money.

10. Payment Options
Most of the services offered in the health and fitness app are free, but there are also some attractive services. If you are marketing health drinks and equipment, you need to add this option. So, make the payment option favorable and deal with different options like bank, wallet transfer or card payment.

Health and fitness apps are the need of time and it helpful for many people who do not have time to go to the gym or fitness center. However, you have to be very careful when you add features to the app. Creating these types of applications is a foregone conclusion for developers, they need to attract customers through features and on the other hand provide a seamless experience.

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